National consultation to transforming education

August 9, 2022 11:40 am

[File Photo]

A number of important stakeholders have given their inputs on what they see as important factors in transforming education.

These stakeholders comprised of universities, religious bodies, education partners, non-government organizations, Head Teachers and Principals Association representatives, as well as statutory bodies.

The national consultation follows a series of pre-consultations with students, teachers, and parents from all the divisions throughout last week.

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Permanent Secretary for Education, Doctor Anjeela Jokhan, urged the participants to put the children at the core of their discussion.

The discussion also covered other topics with some participants calling for greater ownership by management in the running of schools, greater incentives for teachers, and promoting life skills among others.

Throughout the consultations, a strong desire to strengthen the partnership between schools, teachers, parents, and communities emerged sending a clear message that all stakeholders wanted to play a bigger part in education.

The consultations held last week will give the Ministry an opportunity to draft Fiji’s National Commitment.

This draft will be given to the Transforming Education Summit Secretariat as they prepare for the Summit in September.

The consultation was organized by the Ministry of Education in partnership with UNICEF.