Dreketi students overcome connectivity challenge

July 22, 2021 12:03 pm

Internet connectivity can prove to be a challenge for many students in rural and remote communities with online learning now becoming the new norm.

Dreketi Central College students living in Namuavoivoi Village in Bua have found a way not to miss their online classes.

On a hill known as Uluikita, about a kilometer and a half from the village, a tent has been setup for the students to have their classes.

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Its the closest spot where the nine students can get good internet reception.

School Principal Emosi Kuli says when classes ended in May, they had to come up with a way of continuing classes for their students, especially the ones sitting for exams this year.

Kuli says together with his teaching staff, they created a space through Google Meet for the online classes.

He says this allowed the students to have interactive learning and teaching sessions with their teachers.

Parent Inosi Salababa says they are happy that despite the hardships faced during this pandemic, their children are still able to continue their lessons.

The students leave their home around 8am to have their classes on the hill.