Aspiring engineer aims to give back to his community

September 24, 2022 3:50 pm

Cuvu College Headboy Timoci Qio

A Year-13 student of Cuvu College in Nadroga aspires to be an engineer to contribute to the development of infrastructure in his community.

Timoci Qio who is the Headboy of Cuvu College says his interest in pursuing a career in engineering began at the age of eight.

The student was amongst the thousands of students at the USP Open day who took advantage of the opportunity to engage with academics and learn about the programmes that are available.

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Timoci believes that youth should not pick a course based on what other people think but based on one’s own choice.

“If you want to become an engineer you should because when you go to study it you will do better in it than wanting to become a doctor and study engineer you won’t do well in the medical field so for encouragement for the upcoming generation, I want them to make their own decision and be firm in what they want to pursue.”

Over 60 students from Cuvu College in Nadroga attended the USP Open Day at USP Laucala campus yesterday.

The 2022 USP Open Day at Laucala, Lautoka and Labasa campuses were held yesterday and hosted over 8,329 students from 67 schools.

The Virtual Open Days will be held from Monday 26th September to Wednesday 28th September 2022.