10-book series focuses on environmental conservation

August 10, 2022 4:05 pm

Ten books on oceans and inclusive climate action, compiled by local authors and illustrators to develop children’s knowledge on environmental conservation, were launched today.

Minister for Education, Premila Kumar says the books cover a subject that is discussed regularly due to its effects on our lives.

Kumar says the initiative is timely as the Ministry is trialing the new literacy curriculum.

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“The Ministry of Education, heritage and arts is trialling the new literacy curriculum in 90 schools from nine districts and I strongly believe that these books are very timely as we are trying to emphasise lot more on literacy. It’s good that we have got books with the children can relate to and hopefully because they can relate to the environment.”

Kumar says this initiative supports the government’s efforts to protect the environment and combat climate change.

“I appreciate that – that it reiterates what the Fijian government has been trying to highlight and convey to all regions regarding the destruction of nature resources. The ministry is doing this through moral and civic education, because we realise that apart from academic excellence our students should be instilled with good moral values.”

The Minister adds children from Years One to Three are the target audience, and these books will be distributed to 700 schools.

The 10-book series was created through the Let’s Read initiative by The Asia Foundation, in partnership with the Oceania Centre for Arts, Culture, and Pacific Studies of the University of the South Pacific.