Donations to benefit women graduates

May 25, 2022 4:20 pm

The Ministry of Women has donated 18 sewing machines to the women graduates of the Makoi Training Center.

This follows the graduation ceremony of 19 women with a sewing certificate today.

While officiating at the ceremony, Minister for Women Rosy Akbar says the donation is to assist these women in starting their own businesses and becoming independent.

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“With these skills and the tools we are going to handover today, I’m sure you all will be self-sufficient and I have always said that in Fiji, we have the highest number of domestic violence and this is one way not only to walk out of poverty but to leave violent relationships.”

She adds that it has been noticed that the majority of the time, women are forced to live in such situations due to their inability to earn a living for their families.

The Minister urges the graduates to be a source of inspiration to other women.