Disaster response efforts praised

January 27, 2022 4:55 am

RFMF personnel going through their tasking as they prepare to disembark in Moala. [Source: Ifereimi Waqainabete/Twitter]

The Health Minister has praised the efforts shown by a team of civil servants who were on Vanuabalavu, Lakeba, and Moala in Lau over the past few days.

These civil servants were tasked to assess the damage caused by a volcanic eruption in Tonga which triggered a Tsunami that affected the Lau Group as well.

Doctor Waqainabete says their resilience shows our institutional intellectual knowledge responding to any disaster, particularly as we are still in the cyclone season.

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He adds this response has become part and parcel of the government’s approach to ensuring no Fijian is left behind.

“We were running really well in terms of what we aim to achieve. Then we came across Lakeba. We spend the day transiting Vanuabalavu and Lakeba, again, discussing what we really needed to do and the same thing between Lakeba and Moala.”

The second team headed by Infrastructure Minister, Jone Usamate also arrived yesterday afternoon.

The government is working around the clock and finalizing logistics to send second another batch of relief items and supplies to Tonga over the next few days.