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Devi allegedly burnt her partner after a heated argument

June 13, 2018 4:33 am

In Suva High Court this afternoon, the investigating officer who conducted the cautionary interview with Marriane Premila Devi testified that her husband’s death occurred following a heated argument.

It is alleged that Devi set fire to her defacto partner, Bal Krishna Naidu on November 17th, 2016 at their home in Sakoca, Suva.

Devi is charged with one count of murder.

Prosecution witness, Investigating Officer Nilesh Chand told the court that according to her caution interview, Devi and Naidu had an argument regarding repairing their taxi’s broken windscreen.

On the day of the incident, Naidu’s friend broke the windscreen and Devi had given her husband some money to repair it, however, she said Naidu took the money and purchased alcohol which he and his friend drank.

An argument followed which led to another issue regarding kerosene, which Devi claimed her husband was giving out to the neighbours.

Chand testified that in the interview Devi said she decided to leave Naidu and went to pack her bags, when he tried to stop her.

Frustrated Devi picked a bowl of kerosene and poured it on him.

Testimony continued that Naidu apparently dared her to set him on fire – so she lit a newspaper and held it in her hands.

Devi told the police that Naidu came towards her and that was how he started to burn, and that she and her daughter extinguished the flames and took him to the hospital.

In closing her statement of the cautionary interview, Devi said that she prayed that he recovered as she has three children still in school.

The trial continues tomorrow.