Demand for Fijian caregivers increase

October 3, 2022 6:40 am

[Photo: Supplied]

The demand for Fijian caregivers in Australia has been unprecedented in recent months, as more recruitments to take place soon.

Employment Minister, Parveen Kumar says the Ministry is working closely with institutions to train Fijians so they can attain caregiving certificates to qualify for the jobs.

He says government is reaching youths in communities to provide caregiving training, to help meet aged-care workers’ demand in Australia and New Zealand.

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“Every week, we are sending Fijians for this particular job. Initially, when we started with Pacific Labour Scheme, there were a lot of demands for the meat industry, horticulture, and some other areas. Now, there is more demand on aged care.”

While closing the Mobile Skills Training in Nakorokula Village in Ra, the Minister says this is a good indication and paves the way to improve our labor mobility standard and livelihoods.

“This calling in itself can be a pathway for our youths to gain employment overseas and support their families back home.”

Meanwhile, Kumar also opened a new community barber shop and handed over equipment for the benefit of the Nakorokula villagers.