Death of security guard shocks family

September 29, 2022 4:25 pm

A Nadi family is still looking for answers to their father’s death over the weekend.

Waisele Kurusaravi, a former security officer for a supermarket died last Saturday following an alleged assault incident and the family claims the late Kurusaravi was in pain and says he was hurt moments before passing away.

Sereana Salele, the deceased’s wife claims that her husband was assaulted while retrieving three boys who tried to steal chocolate from the supermarket he was working in.

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” I always look out for him. The conduct that these thieves did really hurts me because it resulted in the death of our dad.”

A source who wishes to remain anonymous confirmed to FBC News that Kurusaravi did not say that he was hurt or injured but asked to knock off early around 5:20pm before the supermarket closed.

Salele says that she is note aware if her husband has any health complications.

“My husband never told me that he had high blood pressure or any health complications he was just saying that he was injured that was what he told us right before he passed away.”

The devastated mother and wife say she will now have to struggle to support her young children as her husband was the main breadwinner.

Police Spokesperson Ana Naisoro says that no report was lodged in relation to this incident.

The anonymous source confirmed to FBC News that no report was lodged as the three boys agreed to pay for the chocolate.

A post-mortem examination has been scheduled to determine the cause of death.

FBC News had sent questions to the supermarket’s HQ but no response had been received yet.