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Cross examination of Fiji Times Editor in Chief continues

May 8, 2018 7:20 pm

The cross-examination of Fiji Times Editor in Chief will continue today as he has taken the witness box to provide evidence of the allegation put on him.

Fred Wesley is charged with one count of aiding and abetting and it’s alleged that he aided Fiji Times Publisher Hank Arts to publish an article which was a seditious publication.

Yesterday, he told the court that he did not receive the letter from the first accused Josaia Waqabaca, had no knowledge of the letter and did not see the letter at any given time and neither did he authorize for the letter to be printed in the i-Taukei edition Nai Lalakai.

He told the court that he first found out about the letter when he was arrested and taken in for questioning by the police – weeks after the letter was published.

He said he also has difficulty reading and understanding i-Taukei as he comes from a Rotuman descent.

He also told the Court that the Fiji Times follows the Code of Conduct and the Media Decree so they do not print articles which may cause hatred or violence amongst Fijians.

Wesley says if editors from the different papers had any difficulty with any article they would then discuss it with him.

He says Letters to the Editor sections were properly read and if editors saw a need for discussions with him then they would do so.

He said they also consulted the help of their company lawyer whenever there was a need.

The trial will continue at Suva High Court today.