Two charged for lodging false police reports

December 4, 2022 4:30 pm

Two people who allegedly lodged false reports of theft of a motor vehicle and robbery of $12,000 have been charged.

Chief Operations Officer, ACP Abdul Khan says the first false report was lodged at the Totogo Police Station on Thursday.

The accused, a woman, claimed that after withdrawing $12,000 from her bank, she was offered a ride where the alleged suspect drove towards Victoria Parade in Suva, and stole $10,000.

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The accused further alleged that the supposed suspect then drove towards Suva Point, where he stole another $2,000.

ACP Khan says the accused, after lodging the report of the alleged incident, was sent for medical treatment, claiming she was injured.

He says the investigation ruled out all claims made, and she has been charged with one count of giving false information to a public servant.
ACP Khan says the second alleged report of false information was recorded at the Taveuni Police Station.

He says yesterday, a 34-year-old reported that an unknown person stole a vehicle he had rented, which was later found involved in an off-road accident.

ACP Khan says the investigation conducted by the Taveuni Police ruled out all claims, adding the accused had reported the vehicle stolen to avoid issues with the person he rented it from.

The accused has been charged with one count of careless driving and one count of giving false information to a public servant.

The Chief Operations Officer says these incidents will not be taken lightly as it is a waste of resources and time that could be used for genuine cases.