Three in custody for alleged vehicle theft

December 4, 2022 9:25 am

An early morning police pursuit led to the arrest of three men who allegedly stole a motor vehicle from Suva.

Chief Operations Officer, ACP Abdul Khan says the owner of the vehicle called the Totogo Police Station after three this morning to report the theft of his car from Suva’s Butt Street.

The report was quickly referred to the Police Command and Coordination Centre whereby information about the vehicle was broadcast to all stations and police vehicles.

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ACP Khan says further instructions were given to erect roadblocks within the Southern Division in Pacific Harbor, Delainavesi, Laqere and Dokaniaisuva as well as in the Eastern Division.

A Samabula Police team sighted the stolen vehicle along Princess Road after 4am and alerted other police vehicles.

ACP Khan says a Totogo Vehicle that was in Cunningham proceeded towards Princess Road and cut off the suspects’ vehicle whereby both vehicles sustained damage.

All three suspects were arrested and taken into custody after 4am.

ACP Khan says police operations have been beefed up this festive season in light of similar opportunistic crimes.

ACP Khan is requesting the public to be patient with Police when such actions are taken, as it is not meant to intentionally inconvenience them, but to stop the vehicle from being used to commit other crimes.

The police investigation continues.