Petty crimes on the rise in Capital City

June 26, 2022 1:15 pm

Proactive measures are now being taken to counter petty crimes in the Capital City.

While a police task force has been set up in the Central Division to investigate all cases of burglaries and thefts, the Suva Retailers Association is also taking measures to ensure businesses are protected.

President Jitesh Patel says while there hasn’t been an increase in serious crimes, there have been cases of grab and run and shoplifting, and they are working with the Police to address the issue.

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Association Secretary Shailendra Narayan says they have had a lot of meetings with the Police and are more involved in community policing.

”We are encouraging our retailers to have CCTV cameras installed and the command center at Totogo has indicated that if you let them access the outside cameras you have installed, they will be monitored 24/7. The Suva Retailers will also be donating some CCTV cameras, which will be high definition face recognition cameras. So once they notice the recognizable face then they can send someone to just monitor the guy.”

Over the last two weeks, Totogo Police have managed to detect nine cases of robbery and have produced seven people in court.

They are now pursuing receivers of stolen items.