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PCN National Director charged by FCCC

February 8, 2019 8:30 am
Semiti Qalowasa

The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission has filed charges against the People’s Community Network National Director.

This is in relation to inquiries into the controversial Lagilagi housing project in Suva.

Semiti Qalowasa has been charged for failure to furnish information to the FCCC which is contrary to Section 119 and 132 of the FCCC Act 2010 as a result of the inquiry on the housing project that was given to the Commission to carry out late last year.

FCCC’s Chief Executive Joel Abraham says Qalowasa was given a week from the 17th to the 23rd of last month to submit proper documentation on how the Lagilagi housing project funds were used.

However, to date, there’s been no paper trail filed to the Commission which was requested by way of ‘Requisition for Information Notice.’

“They had sent an email saying we will give the information and we were hoping that they would and that’s why from 23rd January we’ve allowed them time to submit their information and they still have not so we don’t have any other alternatives but proceed to file the matter in court.”

The government injected $12.7m into the project including construction of 143 units, road infrastructure, and electricity.

So far, only 117 units have been completed and Abraham has reiterated they will leave no stones unturned to find the truth.

“It is a concern because at the end of this the idea is to get to the bottom of this to find what the truth is and to find the truth we need to be able to review the evidence so, we don’t base our investigations on hearsay.”

The FCCC says they will also look at other alternatives on what they’re required to do in terms of gathering more information.

“The charges have been filed and they’re at liberty to provide it with the highest urgency so the sooner the better and if they don’t than that’s for the court to decide now.”

The PCN National Director is expected to make a comment later today.