Man arrested by FICAC for alleged scam

September 14, 2021 4:09 pm

The Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption is investigating alleged scam of First Home and First Land Grant in the Western Division.

FICAC found that some Fijians were being made to believe that they would be able to secure the First Home and First Land Grant up to $30,000 through a private individual posing as an agent contracted to the Ministry of Housing.

During the investigation, a 26-year-old man posing as one Kissna Kumar on Facebook was arrested.

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Investigations by FICAC has revealed that certain amount of money or “fees” has been paid by Fijians to the perpetrator of the scam, however, the Commission believes that there may be more victims.

Members of the public who may have fallen victim to this scam or have been scammed by anyone in a similar way are urged to contact FICAC and lodge their complaint.

They are also advised to provide any and all documentation and/or receipts as evidence, which will greatly assist with the investigation.

The Housing Ministry does not accept direct applications for the First Home and First Land Grant Scheme.

The only legitimate way to apply is through a commercial bank, the Housing Authority of Fiji, the Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources, or the iTaukei Land Trust Board.

These services also do not attract any fees or charges.