Home drug making laboratories common in Fiji

September 1, 2022 10:00 am

[File Photo]

Out of the 6, 282 hard drug cases registered by the Fiji Police Force, 302 are related to methamphetamine, 22 cocaine, and 5,958 are marijuana cases.

Minister for Defence, Inia Seruiratu highlighted this in Parliament when he was questioned on the progress made by law enforcement agencies in the seizure of hard drugs, including crystal methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin.

Seruiratu says most of the offences include unlawful importation, exportation, possession, cultivation, supply, transfer, and transportation of illicit drugs, together with controlled chemicals and even laboratory equipment.

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“We had an instance in Nadi, where there was a top floor nightclub, a level down, they were doing the cooking there but the Police are on to it. Our efforts towards drug dealers, we just need the information and if we can all work together on this, co-operate with the Fiji Police Force and other agencies, we should be able to have it under control I would say. But of course, we have had instances where this is being attempted to be produced locally as well.”

Seruiratu says Fiji is the hub of the Pacific and we continue to see an influx in illicit substances from within and outside the region.

In addition, he says there also have been instances where the ingredients, and materials were sourced locally and this is why the government is finalizing the Illicit Substance Drug Act.