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Investigation continues on how seven prisoners escaped

December 26, 2018 7:00 am

Seven-serving prisoners who broke out of the Maximum Security Complex in Naboro have been recaptured.

These prisoners considered to be dangerous escaped from the prison at around 1am on Monday. ¤

Ulaiasi Qalomai, Filipe Delana, Peniasi Qalibau and Bainivalu Tuimatavesi are serving time for aggravated robbery, Josaia Usumaki is serving time for burglary and larceny while Solomoni Qurai and Mesulame Waqabaca are serving time for murder.

Qalomai, Delana and Mesulame Waqabaca were arrested near Wainadoi, Navua earlier yesterday afternoon while the remaining four escapees were captured during the early hours of Christmas morning.

Qurai and Usamaki had also escaped from prison in 2012 and were involved in a theft at the BSP Samabula Branch where $70,000 was stolen.

Chief Operations Officer, ACP Maretino Qiolevu says more than eighty officers conducted the joint operation to recapture the escapees.

“All of them were recaptured at Wainadoi area. They were still out in the bush. The Police officers and the Correction officers they were working together round the clock and managed to trace them down.”

ACP Qiolevu says the seven escaped from the prison on Monday in the wee hours of the morning.

“They broke out round about 1am yesterday from Naboro Maximum prison, how we don’t know, that is still being investigated so that will be determined once the investigation is complete.”

ACP Qiolevu says roadblocks and regular checks on the roads created a lot of traffic congestion and many travelers were delayed on Christmas Eve.

However, he says all this was not in vain as the seven escapees were recaptured within the 24 hour period.