Assertion to Cybercrime Convention will assist Fiji

September 20, 2022 12:20 pm

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Investigating and prosecuting cybercriminals has become a challenge, particularly when the offender is located in a different country.

University of Fiji, Lecturer in Law, Varsha Bano made the comments while making submissions to the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence on the Convention on Cybercrime.

She says it is important to have laws that will allow effective international cooperation, especially when dealing with trans-border crime.

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Bano says assertion to the Convention will help Fiji address these issues.

“Assertion to the convention would enhance cooperation with member states to address cybercrime. Fiji would need to make incremental amendments to its laws to accede to the convention. These changes would complement and enhance Fiji’s international commitment to cybercrime. “

The Budapest Convention on Cyber Crime is a criminal justice treaty that provides states with the criminalization of a list of attacks against and by means of computers.

It also provides procedural law tools to make the investigation of cybercrime and the securing of electronic evidence in relation to any crime more effective.