Creative approaches to address waste management

September 30, 2022 4:15 pm

Plastic Waste Initiative Project Paula Katirewa (left), Creative Aspect of Recycling Artist, Suzanne Turaganiwai.

Various organizations across the country are trying to adopt creative ways to address waste management issues.

This is according to Creative Aspect of Recycling Artist, Suzanne Turaganiwai, who says as part of their corporate social responsibility, they also clean up beaches and turn marine debris into artworks.

Turaganiwai says many organizations are utilizing the ‘science and art’ model to raise awareness on this issue.

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“Don’t look at it as a problem, there is a solution to that problem, we have a better way of upcycling this thing that you consider rubbish and making something new.”

Pacific Islands Development Forum Secretary-General, Solo Mara believes introducing incentives will boost participation in this space.

“Getting other sectors and private sector players in this space to be more proactive by being a pro in budgetary processes, giving tax concessions, and tax incentives to companies that are more ambitious.”

The Recycling Artist is planning to hold a marine upcycled art exhibition.