Vorovoro village prepares for the third wave

January 7, 2022 4:00 am

Vorovoro village is well prepared as the country deals with the third wave of COVID-19.

Village Turaga ni Koro Poasa Raseni says they have planted what they need and will not be affected if a lockdown is initiated.

Raseni says they have learned a lot from their past experiences where villagers were put on lockdown due to the spike in cases in the village.

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“We recorded cases during the second wave and we are grateful today that we are prepared. We have fish ponds, we have planted root crops, and we know that we are ready should there be another wave. “

Raseni says they are also working to ensure that COVID-19 protocols are followed in the village for their safety.

Vorovoro village has 150 villagers and is situated in the interior of Tailevu North.