VAX-check a must for high risk businesses

October 6, 2021 4:25 pm

[Source: Facebook]

The Ministry of Commerce is ensuring that the adoption of the VAX-check tool by businesses is a smooth transition.

VAX-check is one of the conditions for high-risk businesses to be able to operate.

Commerce Permanent Secretary, Shaheen Ali, says they are guiding businesses on how to use the facility to verify a person’s vaccine status in real-time.

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“It’s a mandatory requirement for high-risk businesses. A lot of hand-holding is there to ensure the transition is smooth. For high-risk businesses, it is quite important. It also enables the Ministry to ensure that the records that are kept with the vaccine registrar are accurate as well.”

The Commerce Ministry has also introduced new regulations and spot checks on venues.

Apart from the VAX-check tool, all other COVID-safe measures must be strictly enforced.

Businesses that do not respect the measures risk serious fines or being shut down.