There will be no lockdown: Koya

January 9, 2022 5:45 am

[Source: Fiji Police]

Fijians are being reminded to shoulder their national responsibility of keeping everyone around us safe.

Minister for Commerce and Trade, Faiyaz Koya emphasizes this responsibility applies every day and it extends in the greatest and smallest of ways.

He made the comments during a press conference this afternoon while stressing that there will be no lockdown measures like in the past to contain the spread of COVID-19.

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Koya adds this responsibility is to create the safest mechanisms that allow Fijians to go back to work and for businesses to remain safely open.

“We are not locking down any communities and the curfew hours isn’t changing, all of that has been subject to speculation but I can put that to rest now. Curfew isn’t changing and businesses are not being shuttered, the borders aren’t closing, schools are not closing either. But we are stepping up enforcement and penalties for violations of health measures.”

While announcing the new slate of fines and penalties to ensure strict adherence to COVID-safe measures, Koya also highlighted that some of the rules and measures announced previously remains in place/

All Public Service Vehicles must operate at 80 percent capacity and ensure that all passengers are wearing masks.

Inter island vessels must also operate at 80 percent capacity and ensure that all passengers wear masks.

High-risk businesses MUST verify vaccination status of the visitor, client or customer using the VAX-Check Tool and adhere to COVID-safe practices.

Businesses and offices must display a QR code and ensure that staff, visitors, and customers scan before entering the premises.

Koya says a manual register must be maintained for those who don’t have a smartphone.

He adds businesses must prominently display at all points of entry a signage on the maximum allowable capacity and ensure that all COVID safe measures are followed.

They must also conduct symptom screenings and temperature checks for visitors, clients and customers on the business premises.