Nawaka residents protest

June 12, 2021 3:15 pm

[Photo: Supplied]

A protest was held today by at least 50 people who are currently on lockdown in parts of Nawaka.

FBC News understands that the protest is about the extension of the lockdown period and also about the supply of food ration.

Areas that have been isolated for the past 14 days include Nawaka tramline, Nawajikuma, Korociri and Qina.

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[Photo: Supplied]

Nawaka tramline resident, Sanjay Kumar told FBC News that they are in desperate need of food.

Kumar claims the majority of the people living in the area, have large families, and the rations they received last week have finished.

Another resident, Amitesh Nair says they are confused about the information given on the lockdown.

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Nair says initially they were told 14 days but just yesterday Police informed the residents that their lockdown has been extended for another 14 days which began last Wednesday.

He says this message should have been passed from the Ministry of Health as many in the area are wanting to return to work so they can support their families.

We have sent questions to the Ministry of Health and also the Ministry of Economy.

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