Reopening of some businesses a sigh of relief

June 4, 2021 12:15 pm

Ariel view of Suva City.

The reopening of certain businesses under strict COVID-19 measures will benefit thousands of Fijians employed by the sector.

The Fiji Chamber of Commerce says this is an essential step towards economic recovery and allowing people to start earning a living.

FCC President, Dr Nur Bano Ali says the move has brought a sigh of relief for many Fijians who have been unemployed for weeks.

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“The unemployment numbers were rising and people were distressed because of some lack of employment, lack of income and almost little to no income and it’s been more than a month now. It’s very difficult and so we really need to get employment back on track.”

Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation President, Sandeep Chauhan says prolonged closure of businesses will have lots of impacts.

“If we have local manufacturer shutting down then obviously there’s a spiralling effect on job losses and that money not staying within the country but going out of the country.”

The Ministry of Commerce and Trade in collaboration with the Ministry of Health is assessing the application of businesses wishing to resume operation under this COVID-19 situation, while high-risk businesses in Viti Levu will need to remain close for the time being.