Take Omicron seriously says WHO

January 15, 2022 4:41 pm

The World Health Organization is urging governments not to rest on their laurels as the Omicron outbreak continues to spread across the world.

Local health authorities have also ramped up COVID-safe measures in response.

WHO Technical Lead in COVID-19, Doctor Maria Van Kerkhove, is pleading with people not to take the Omicron variant lightly as it can cause as many medical complications as the previous variants.

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“Please treat this virus as seriously as it needs to be treated. So the narrative that it’s the common cold is not true, and the narrative that it’s just mild is not true, so we have to really fight against it. Now is not the time to give up”.

Although there is no definitive medical data yet on the current Omicron outbreak, health experts are advising that strict COVID-safe protocols must remain.

Fiji Medical Association President, Doctor Basharat Munshi says these protocols, including vaccination, will be a defense against future variants that will likely mutate given the continuous community transmission.

“It is safe, it is effective, and it is designed to boost your immunity against the coronavirus. Our advice is that once you get the booster shot, you will be very much protected. “

Omicron is the fifth variant of concern since the coronavirus outbreak began in late 2019.

It is now spread in many countries, including Fiji.