MCTTT announces fines

January 9, 2022 2:36 pm

Failure to wear a mask or face-covering in the required setting will result in the spot fine of $250

The Ministry of Commerce,  Trade, Tourism and Transport has announced new fines and penalties.

Minister, Faiyaz Koya says this is done to ensure strict adherence to COVID-safe measures as the Omicron variant is now present in Fiji and spreading quickly.

From tomorrow, failure to wear a mask or face-covering in the required setting will result in the spot fine of $250, businesses failing to maintain records or have QR codes available for a scan can be fined up to a thousand dollars.

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Koya says the business and the official responsible will also get charged.

Failure to take temperature checks will incur a $250 fine for individuals and a $1, 000 fine will be imposed on business.

Koya highlights high-risk businesses also failing to verify vaccination status will face a $1, 000 fine while official responsible for undertaking that task or in-charge of the premises at the time will be fined $250.

For Public Service Vehicles not complying with capacity requirements, the driver will be charged $100, passenger $100 while a permit holder or company will be charged $1, 000.

Koya says in addition the company or permit holder can face a $4, 000 fine for not following the protocol for Land Transport Services.

Failure to also comply with the relevant protocols will lead to fines of up to $4, 000.

“A business that is issues one infringement notice could face double the fine or for the second notice together with the closure of business. This is actually a final warning to everyone that non-compliance will simply not be tolerated.”

Koya says they expect that these new fines will remain in effect for at least next several weeks.