Massive surge in farmers population

July 20, 2021 12:30 pm

There is a massive surge in the number of farmers recorded by the Agriculture sector as more people return to farming.

This as Fiji continue to feel the devastation brought about by the second wave of COVID 19 causing thousands of Fijians to return to farming as a means of livelihood.

Despite the efforts by these farmers, climate change continue to be a challenge affecting yields and profits.

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In an effort to address the issue, the Ministry of Waterways through the “Drainage for Farmland” program has been assisting rice farmers in the North to ensure a sufficient supply of rice continues to meet local demand.

Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy says they will continue to inject assistance in rice farming to enable farmers to boost production thereby fulfilling their contract and addressing the issue of food security.

The ministry recently completed 6,000 metre drainage works in Tausa, in the province of Bua (Northern division) that will benefit farmers to utilise a total of 250 acres for rice farming in the area.

The Ministry will continue to help farmers especially those that have contracts with the Agriculture sector to help in food security.