Follow all measures warns Koya

January 10, 2022 5:50 am

Minister for Trade and Commerce, Faiyaz Koya has warned that non-compliance will not be tolerated.

While announcing the new slate of fines and penalties to ensure strict adherence to COVID-safe measures, Koya highlights as Fijian citizens, we have to be responsible.

Koya adds our border is open, and thousands of Fijians are back at work for the first time in nearly two years.

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He stressed that the government will do everything possible to protect the employment of these Fijians.

“That means, protecting everyone. And it means the same rules that apply to locals apply to tourists as well. Visitors should be able to enjoy their holiday in Fiji with the best Fijian hospitality and at the same feel safe that they can return home on time.”

New penalties announced by the MCTTT that came into effect today include a $250 spot fine for individuals failing to wear a mask.

If you fail to undertake symptom and temperature checks, you are liable to pay a fine of $250 while businesses will pay a $1,000 fine.

Businesses failing to maintain records or have QR Codes will be fined $1,000 while the official responsible will be fined $250.

A business failing to verify vaccine status will be fined $1, 000 while the official in charge of the premises at the time will be liable to pay $250.

Public Service Vehicles not complying with capacity requirements: the driver and passenger will be liable to pay $100 each while the company or permit holder will be fined $1,000. In addition, a permit holder or company can face $4,000 fine

Koya adds Fijians must voluntarily follow all COVID-safe steps to limit the spread of the virus.

“You should follow these rules –– not because we demand it of you and not because we will fine you –– but because they are proven to work at protecting you from contracting COVID-19. So, please, get boosted and get back to the basics of COVID safety so we can get through this challenge together and get on with our recovery”.

Koya says they expect that these new fines will remain in effect for at least the next several weeks.