Villages in Sabeto to go on lockdown

July 14, 2021 12:35 pm

Four villages in Sabeto will be going on a 14-day lockdown from 8pm.

This has been confirmed by Turaga ni Koro Sailasa Natalawaqa who says the decision was made after their first COVID positive case a few days ago.

Natalawaqa says villages that will be in lockdown are Koroyaca, Narokoroko Yawa, Natalau and Nabotini.

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He says around 40 people have been identified as primary contacts by the Ministry of Health and they have been taken into quarantine facilities.

Natalawaqa says only those who are working will be allowed to move in and out of the village but under strict protocols.

He adds the decision to have the lockdown was made after consultation with the villages and time was also given for people to prepare.

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