Experts attempt to clear COVID misconception

June 7, 2021 12:17 pm

The Fiji National University is hosting a virtual discussion titled “Explain the Science- A Panel Discussion and Q&A on the COVID-19 Vaccine in Fiji” to address misinformation on the current outbreak.

This is the first of a series of panel discussions that will be hosted by FNU on the topic of COVID-19, the vaccine, the COVID test, and other related questions.

Panelists include Head of COVID-19 Vaccine taskforce, Dr Rachel Devi, epidemiologist Professor Fiona Russel and infectious disease physician Professor Adam Jenny.

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The purpose is primarily to provide a platform for the experts to address the questions and correct the misconceptions on these current topics, based purely on current and approved scientific evidence.

FNU says that they will keep collating questions for every succeeding panel discussion.

Updates will be posted on the FNU and CMNHS Facebook pages.