Critical patients are referred to CWM

August 24, 2021 6:12 am

The FEMAT Field Hospital is not well equipped to handle COVID patients who reach a critical level.

Head of FEMAT Dr Luke Nasedra says these patients require organ support and have to be referred to the Colonial War Memorial Hospital.

Dr Nasedra has highlighted that they can only look after moderate to severe patients.

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“If patients get very sick we send them over to CWM hospital. CWM is where the capacity for looking after critical cases is.”

Dr Nasedra says 75 percent of severe cases that came into FEMAT have been able to recover thanks to early identification and treatment.

Since July, FEMAT has had up to 80 percent occupancy, but numbers are decreasing.

There are about 38 patients admitted at the FEMAT field hospital in Suva.