COVID protocols will be tested from next Wednesday

November 25, 2021 4:10 pm

The first few days of international border reopening will be challenging as our COVID-safe protocols will be tested when visitors arrive next week.

Minister for Tourism, Faiyaz Koya, says they are constantly reminding tourism stakeholders not to let their guards down from next Wednesday.

Koya says the rule is simple and that is to observe the safety protocols.

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“We have the CFC approvals that have been put in place and they are going to make sure that they are all going to be observed and it’s important that we do that and all the staff are vaccinated.”

There’s a positive vibe as tourism has been the lifeline for the Jet Set town.

However, Koya warns that despite the high vaccination rate, Fijians must remain alert.

“We’ve seen the experience out in Mauritius where it wasn’t the tourists that started the 3rd wave, it was their own population and that’s a good strong signal for us that we must continue to listen to our health authorities.”

The Minister adds that they are having daily discussions with Tourism Fiji, Fiji Airways, FHTA and other members.