Witness sobs as she recalls trauma

September 30, 2022 6:50 am

[File Photo]

A witness could not hold back her tears in court yesterday as she relived an alleged police brutality incident that took place in her village in 2019.

The woman said she watched in vain as a group of police officers kicked and punched Naqia Villager Inoke Lagicere.
She stated that the officers also verbally assaulted Lagicere.

The Naqia villager said she heard Lagicere scream “weilei na ligaqu sa mosi.” (My hands are in pain.), and in the process, a senior officer instructed one of the young officers to find some mile-a-minute and to apply it on the victim’s hands.

She further stated that after punching and kicking Lagicere, they told him to get on the police four-wheel drive, but the victim opted to take a passenger seat.

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However, they dragged his collar to the pick-up truck trunk.

The prosecution witness also said that they threatened Lagicere by asking if he wanted a broken neck.

Sevanaia Narogi, Kameli Tukana, Mafoa Korosaya, and Inoke Nagata are accused of assaulting Naqia Villager Inoke Lagicere in April 2021.

Narogi is charged with one count of act with intent to cause grievous harm, assault causing actual bodily harm, and common assault.

Tukana is charged with one count of assault causing actual bodily harm and common assault.

Korosaya and Nagata are each charged with one count of assault causing actual bodily harm.

The trial will resume this morning before High Court judge Justice Siainiu Fa’alogo Bull.