Suspended doctor found guilty of manslaughter

February 24, 2020 12:50 pm

Marvin Ray Ketenalagi

A suspended doctor who is alleged to have caused the death of a 50-year-old taxi driver has been found guilty of a lesser charge of manslaughter.

Marvin Ray Ketenalagi was charged with one count of murder.

Judge Justice Daniel Goundar has found Ketenalagi guilty of a count of manslaughter.

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Earlier, one of the three assessors found Ketenalagi guilty of assault and not guilty of manslaughter and another assessors found him guilty of manslaughter.

Ketenalagi said in court that he was sorry for causing the death of the taxi driver and regrets his actions.

Ketenalagi assaulted the driver at the Post Office Arcade in Suva in 2018.

The driver fell after the assault and received multiple injuries.

Ketenalagi has been further remanded and the sentence hearing has been adjourned until Wednesday.