Ruling on notice for Sharvada Sharma’s case

May 26, 2022 4:50 pm

Sharvada Sharma.

The judgment in the case of dismissed Solicitor General Sharvada Sharma will now be delivered on notice.

The counsels will be notified when the judgment is ready for the court to pronounce.

This is the fourth time the ruling has been deferred.

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The former SG had filed legal action against his termination in November last year by former President Jioji Konrote.

He claimed in his application that he was not accorded common law rights to natural justice.

In his submission, defence lawyer Devanesh Sharma, who is representing the Attorney General, informed the Suva High Court that the former Solicitor General was responsible for defending the Supervisor of Elections in a matter brought by former MP Niko Nawaikula.

The court was told that Mohammed Saneem had raised serious concerns against Sharma and that the former SG had only met with the Supervisor of Elections once to receive instructions on the Nawaikula matter.

Devanesh Sharma also submitted that the former SG did not consult Saneem any further to get the background and the facts of the case.