Respondent attempts to politicize proceeding: Fatima

October 3, 2022 4:19 pm

Richard Naidu

The lawyer representing the Attorney General in a committal proceeding against Richard Naidu says this case concerns an allegation of scandalizing the judiciary.

Lawyer Gul Fatima was responding to an application by the respondent seeking leave to appeal the decisions of the High Court to the Fiji Court of Appeal concerning the respondent’s summons seeking setting aside of the ex-parte order and summons seeking an oral hearing, cross-examination, and related orders.

Naidu’s attorney, Kings Counsel Martin Daubney, was making submissions on decisions that were delivered on September 1 and September 2, respectively.

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The committal proceedings against Suva Lawyer Richard Naidu are in relation to a post that appeared on his Facebook page in February in which he allegedly made comments about the judiciary after a case.

AG’s lawyer Gul Fatima says the respondent attempts to personalize and politicize the proceeding.

Fatima says Naidu has also not confirmed to the court his political aspiration.

She questions how the respondent can claim his political ambitions are relevant to this case.

Fatima says the proceedings do not concern Fijian politics, and Naidu is trying to politicise the case by relying on such grounds.

She says Naidu is trying to take the focus away from his own conduct.

Fatima also highlighted that there were not one but many senior lawyers in this case, and not once was the court informed who was the real counsel representing Naidu.

The Attorney General’s lawyer also stated that she did not find the King’s Counsel’s submission persuasive, and that some of it was unfounded.

The judgment for this application will be on October 14.