Man jailed for severing wife’s hand

May 25, 2022 4:40 pm

[File Photo]

A 58-year-old man from Nadi who severed his wife’s left-hand last year has been sentenced to seven-years imprisonment by the Lautoka High Court.

The court heard that on May 15th last year, the man walked into the restaurant where his wife was working.

He sat opposite her while the victim was having lunch.

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After asking the wife when she would finish work, he pulled the wife’s left hand and chopped it off with a cane knife he was carrying.

Following this, the man pulled the wife’s right hand and cut her wrist and fingers as he threatened to cut off her neck.

The attack left the wife’s colleagues shocked and frightened and the wife unconscious.

The man fled the scene following the incident and was later arrested by the police.

The woman only gained consciousness at the hospital.

The couple were not staying together at the time of the incident.

The presiding judge told the man that he was not only a coward but a threat to the community.

He was also labelled merciless for his behavior.

The judge says this was a domestic violence case that went out of control.

The Nadi man will serve six years before he is eligible for parole.