Man jailed for hitting wife with gas cylinder

June 27, 2022 10:30 am

A man in his 70s will spend 10 months behind bars for beating up his wife with a 4.5kg gas cylinder.

The incident took place earlier this year in Lami.

The man got home one day and had an argument with his wife, who was doing some planting in the front yard of their home.

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Following the argument, the man entered the house, took the cylinder, and struck his wife with it.

The presiding magistrate in this sentencing reduced the period drastically as the man had taken an early guilty plea.

However, the magistrate refused to give a suspended sentence for the remaining terms.

She says there is no possibility of a suspended sentence despite the reconciliation between the man and his wife.

She says the sentence should act as a deterrent to anyone and should be a lesson for the perpetrator in this case.

A domestic violence restraining order has been issued to the man after he serves his term.