12 years imprisonment for rape

May 19, 2022 5:50 am

[File Photo]

The High Court says that it will continue to pass heavy prison sentences for the rape of children, as a warning to others.

High Court judge Justice Salesi Temo highlighted this while sentencing a man who raped his cousin to 12 years imprisonment.

The 49-year-old raped his teenage cousin on June 2019 at a settlement in Suva.

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Justice Temo says the sentence is designed to punish the offender in a manner that is just in all the circumstances, protect the community, deter like-minded offenders and to signify that the court and the community denounce the offence he committed against the 16-year-old complainant.

The high court says that rape of children is becoming prevalent in our society, despite the heavy prison sentence passed by the courts for the rape of children. He adds that the court had said in the past, and will keep on saying that it will not tolerate the abuse of children in our society.

The man will be eligible for parole after serving 11 years behind bars.