Immigration has Tacirua Heights as Radrodro’s address

August 1, 2022 4:30 pm

SODELPA MP Salote Radrodro.

The trial of SODELPA MP Salote Radrodro continued today with two officers from the Immigration Department confirming in the Anti-Corruption Court the permanent residence of Radrodro.

The MP is alleged to have obtained a financial advantage in breach of the Parliamentary Remuneration Act of 2014.

She allegedly falsely stated that her permanent residence was in Namulomulo village, Nabouwalu, Bua, and obtained $37,920 between August 2019 and April 2020.

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Both witnesses stated that Radrodro’s address is Lot 41, Tacirua Heights, and Suva.

According to one of the officers, Radrodro’s address is Tacirua in their passport record, and this was not changed even when Radrodro applied for an e-passport in 2019.

The second witness from Immigration says that Radrodro, on numerous occasions in 2019, upon returning from overseas, filled in the arrival card that her permanent address is in Tacirua Heights.

In 2019, Radrodro travelled to numerous destinations, including Canada, Japan and Nukualofa.

The trial continues this week.