Former supermarket executives acquitted

September 19, 2022 6:00 am

Left to right - Ronald Gordon, Wasu Pillay, Marcus Hassal, Amrit Chand, Abhishek Abhimannu, Uraia Koroi, Radhika Reddy and Kavishay Abhimannu.

The Suva Magistrates’ Court has today acquitted Kavishay Abhimannu and Abhisaeth Abhimannu of all charges against them.

In court today, the Magistrate ruled that the case will not proceed as the Director of Public Prosecution had elected to withdraw the charges and requested the court to enter acquittals.

This was based on the basis that there was no reasonable prospect of conviction of the two accused.

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This brings to finality the criminal proceedings commenced against Kavishay and Abhisaeth in 2018.

The two were originally charged with money-laundering offences, have vigorously always maintained their innocence.

The principal complainant in the proceedings was Rattan Deo of Kalabo Investments Pte Limited trading as Shop N Save Supermarket.