Dismissal caused professional reputational damage: Dr Lal

August 3, 2022 3:03 pm

The former Chief Executive of Pacific TAFE, Dr Hasmukh Lal, said he had stayed home for 15 months and 26 days following his termination by the University of the South Pacific in May 2020.

Dr. Lal has taken USP to court, alleging there was a breach of contract by the regional tertiary institution.

Dr. Lal claims after his dismissal, he began looking for work and applied at several places, but was not even considered for an interview despite meeting the necessary qualifications.

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The former TAFE CEO says the dismissal by USP caused a gross professional reputational damage to his character.

He is claiming financial loss such as salary and entitlement under the contract, humiliation, and loss of dignity.

Dr Lal today informed the court that, as the CEO of Pacific TAFE, his total remuneration, including fringe benefits, per annum was $254,298.

He says his total loss of salary and entitlement for breach of contract is $471,718.

Earlier in the day, Dr. Lal testified that after his dismissal, he had suicidal thoughts, but remembered his family and decided to overcome the challenges.

He says the social media roasting’s hasn’t stopped and there is a stigma attached to his professional life.

He asked the court to consider the damages, loss of dignity and the humiliation he had to go through following the dismissal.

The counsel for the University of the South Pacific will cross-examine Dr Lal this afternoon.