Bills vary during time of alleged offense

August 1, 2022 12:45 pm

A witness from the Water Authority of Fiji and the Ministry of Infrastructure took the witness stand this morning in the case against Social Democratic Liberal Party MP Salote Radrodro.

The MP is alleged to have obtained a financial advantage in breach of the Parliamentary Remuneration Act of 2014.

She allegedly falsely stated that her permanent residence was in Namulomulo village, Nabouwalu, Bua, and obtained $37,920 between August 2019 and April 2020.

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Witness and WAF General Manager Customer Services, Sekove Uluinayau, confirms the accused has an account registered in her name, as well as a Kitione Radrodro in Tacirua Heights.

Uluinayau says that Kitione also has an account in Namulomulo Village in Bua.

He also indicated that during the alleged period of the offense, there were instances where the billings were as low as five cents for a period of three months for the property in Bua.

He told the court that this could mean that the residence in Namulomulo may not have been occupied at the time.

He also informed the court that an account holder does not necessarily have to reside at the place.

The witness from the Ministry of Infrastructure also highlighted that Kitione has an account with them for the provision of electricity to a resident in Namulomulo.

Marica Raitukei, the Acting Divisional Engineer for Cental and Eastern, informed the court that there was no electricity usage at some Namulomulo residences, which is reflected in the bill.