13 years behind bars for rapist

September 30, 2022 4:20 pm

[File Photo]

A man who raped his 12-year-old niece has been sentenced to 13 years and eight months by the Suva High Court today.

Judge Justice Siainiu Bull stated that though the offender is the victim’s uncle, the relationship between them was that of a step-father and daughter.

She said the victim called him “Ta” meaning father.

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The court noted that the offender was the partner of the victim’s aunt who had brought her up when she was three years of age.

Justice Bull said the offender and his partner were the only parents the victim ever knew since her biological parents.

The high court judge reiterated that sexual offences are abhorrent by nature.

She said it was even more so when perpetrated on young children.

A permanent domestic violence restraining order has also been issued by the court against the offender.

The 54-year-old offender will be eligible for parole after serving 11 years and eight months behind bars.