Copra shortage in Fiji

April 28, 2022 5:00 am

Minister for Agriculture, Dr. Mahendra Reddy (Second from Right) with some farmers in Koro Island. [Source: Supplied]

There is a shortage of copra production in the country.

In an attempt to address this shortage, Minister for Agriculture, Dr. Mahendra Reddy says Malaysian Dwarf seed nuts will be provided to farmers in Koro Island to plant more coconut trees.

“But we want you to establish farms, coconut farms rather than just a few trees around your homes and village. We need to establish farms and plantations. Copra is also exported by Carpenters and there is an increase in price of coconut oil so we want Koro to get into that as well.”

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He says the ministry is starting an initiative to plant more coconut trees to address the copra shortage.

Reddy says several sectors, such as the dairy industry, rely on coconut for their supplements, and the ministry will ensure to avoid disruptions brought on by a shortage in production.