Coordination with all relevant stakeholders is vital: Akbar

June 29, 2022 12:45 pm

Minister for Women and Children Rosy Akbar. [Source: Supplied]

It is critical not only to begin work quickly in response to gender-based violence but also to move strategically.

Minister for Women and Children Rosy Akbar says coordination with all relevant stakeholders, in particular women’s rights and community-based organizations, is vital.

Akbar says there is no single fixed solution or plan that will erase the entrenched and often unconscious systems of gender bias in society.

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“We are committed to working closely with Fijian women, men, boys, and girls, as well as many experts, individuals, and organizations to tackle this blight on our nation. In such a context, we rolled out our efforts and immediate responses to COVID-19 and cyclones to ensure quality response for all women and girls.”

Akbar says Fiji is implementing the National Service Delivery Protocol.

She adds that we are well positioned to provide coordinated responses to ensure the provision of appropriate, timely, and quality services for victims and survivors of gender-based violence.

According to the Minister, the Gender-Based Violence Working Group has been formed under the Fiji Safety and Protection Cluster to rapidly advance prevention and response to violence against women and girls during emergencies in partnership with frontline service providers.