Container deposit legislation being developed

September 9, 2020 12:42 pm

Ministry for Economy Permanent Secretary Makereta Konrote

The government in collaboration with Ministry of Environment and other relevant stakeholders is developing a container deposit legislation.

This is an effort aimed at a more greener Fiji.

The container deposit legislation is a law that requires the collection of a monetary deposit on beverage containers at the point of sale.

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A partial or a full refund can be given to consumers if they return the container to an authorized redemption centre.

Ministry for Economy Permanent Secretary Makereta Konrote says container deposit legislation will help reduce the careless dumping of bottles, containers and other plastic product that pollutes the environment

“We are also developing the container deposit legislation at the Ministry of Environment and the Styrofoam plastic ban which we announced as part of the national budget will come into effect on 1st January, 2021”.

Konrote says the government is hoping there will be a shift in market trends to more environment friendly packaging given the reduction of import duty from 32 to zero percent on certain biodegradable products.

“We also set up tax free zones to encourage the recycling of waste and the set-up of material recovery facilities to process waste into energy and other useful raw products”.

As part of Fiji’s effort in combating climate change and preserving local biodiversity and ecosystem, a ban on Styrofoam containers from January 1st, next year.