Community response varies: Semainaliwa

November 21, 2022 5:20 am

{Source: ADRA Fiji]

The response from villagers on Koro Island to various funded projects implemented by various non-government organizations varies.

Learning Environmental Adaptation for Development Project Manager, Mesake Semainaliwa, who has been implementing various projects on the island claims the pandemic and external conflicts have changed the perception of many villagers.

Semainaliwa is working for the Adventist Development Relief Agency Fiji spearheading three-year projects and developing waste management strategies in various communities on the island.

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He says women at the community level have been showing interest in the training and other projects implemented by ADRA Fiji in Koro.

“In terms of the training and the response since COVID-19 and the external conflict between Russia and Ukraine, they’re gradually changing in behavioral aspect of accepting the project. But there are some communities showing positive signs in terms of the products which they are creating out of the training provided to them.”

Semainaliwa adds ADRA Fiji is working with stakeholders to continue developing waste management strategies in various islands across the country.

He says the organization has also stepped in to look at ways of transporting waste materials from Koro or other islands to the Naboro Landfill.