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Code of Conduct Bill needs further clarification: Nand

January 10, 2019 12:54 pm

“There needs to be further clarification on how complaints will be demarcated.”

As part of his submission on the Bill on the Code of Conduct, Auditor General Ajay Nand today highlighted several issues to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice, Law and Human Rights.

Nand says while he supports the Bill and its ideal for more transparency and accountability for public office holders, there is a need to clarify certain clauses.

On the demarcation of complaints, Nand noted that there needed to be clear guidelines to ensure complaints lodged were not politically motivated and bias in its nature.

The Auditor General says even though the Bill is a draft of the proposed legislation, personally he would not lodge a complaint based on the current outlines.

Nand also notes more positions and organizations need to be covered than the current that are listed.

He says that commercial government organizations need to be covered, it’s Directors especially and senior management.

He also noted that companies in which government makes a substantial investment in – also needs to be covered under the Code of Conduct Bill.

As an example, he highlighted Fiji Airports as an entity should be covered under the Bill.

Meanwhile Committee Chair, Alvick Maharaj says the public consultations will continue next week in the West and the following week in the North.

Maharaj says the committee is then expected to collate the submissions and make recommendations with the Bill to be returned to the drafters.

The committee is expected to table their report with amendments to Parliament in the March sitting.