Claims about taxi meter calibration not true: Abraham

November 24, 2022 5:31 am

The Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission is concerned with false information regarding taxi meter calibration.

Chief Executive Joel Abraham says they have received complaints that some people in Rakiraki have been claiming that taxi operators who have not calibrated taxi meters will be issued fines by the commission.

“We have also received complaints that there are some elements in Rakiraki that have been going around talking to drivers and saying change the calibration to the interim fares or else the FCCC will charge you $200 , which is utterly false. I would like to clarify that we have not issued any such statements. The FCCC sets the maximum fares, anybody can sell below those maximum fares.”

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Abraham says the calibration of the taxi meter is optional, particularly for the interim taxi prices.

“What we found out prima face is that these elements that are going around these people who are trying to advocate for this thing have got some relationship with the some of the calibrators and they are going around campaigning for change in collaboration charges, any taxi proprietor or any taxi driver who doesn’t want to do it is free not to do it.”

Fiji Taxi Association President Raben Bhan Singh agrees with the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission.

He says they are working with the FCCC and has emphasized that no taxi owner may be compelled to adjust their taximeters.

Singh says the fare increase is interim and therefore not mandatory for taxi proprietors to calibrate the meters.